Rechargeable Bluetooth Hearing Aids

The Reformer’s Bundle

Our exclusive bundle includes rechargeable Bluetooth hearing aids. With these remarkable hearing aids, you can have your hearing tested remotely, right in the comfort of your own home. Our products are so flexible, that even if rare issues related to poor fit or adjustment arise, a local provider can provide additional testing and programming as needed.


Everything you need to Reform your life


  • 2 Widex Moment mRIC 440 RD Hearing Aids & Charger
  • A powerful hearing aid generated hearing test
  • Hearing aid fitting via Reform Telecare
  • 4 months of free access to Reform Telecare


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Black, Chestnut Brown, Honey Blonde, Titanium Grey

*Widex Moment offers hearing aid controls and app functionality to most bluetooth compatible smartphones, but only offers direct streaming to Apple Products and ASHA Android Devices. See the full compatibility list Here.


What To Expect After Purchase

My new Widex Moment 440 hearing aids are wonderful. I’m hearing the TV, conversations, even multiple conversations in noisy restaurants. I’m also able to use them when playing my trumpet!

This wasn’t the case with my Bernafon Chronos 9 or ReSound hearing aids!

Equally impressive is the ease and efficiency of Widex Telecare. My sessions have been as good or better than any I’ve had with audiologists at physical locations.

My Hatfield hat is off to Widex for both its products and its service!
- James Hatfield
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Why Widex

Reform is in no way owned, operated, or financially obligated to Widex. We simply like Widex for several reasons.

Here are our top 4 reasons!

  • Sound Quality

    We have personally experienced the Widex sound difference, and once experienced, it is hard to leave.

  • Universal Fit

    In our humble opinion, Widex is consistently more cosmetically appealing than other name brands.

  • Open Platform

    Any certified hearing professional who wants to work with Widex can. This creates more options and flexibility in the market.

  • Remote Programing

    While many brands are remotely programmable to some degree, the Widex interface for rechargeable Bluetooth hearing aids is superior and allows all the control available within a clinic setting. Don't take our word for it.

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