Who Can Wear Hearing Aids

Am I a Good Candidate?


If you’re wondering who can wear hearing aids and whether you’d be a good candidate for the Reform Hearing bundle, simply answer the few questions below about your hearing, your available mobile device, and your internet connection.

Hearing aids that work with your active lifestyle are just a few clicks away. The Reform Hearing bundle includes two Widex Moment mRIC 440 RD hearing aids plus a charger. If you’re wondering about who can wear hearing aids, you should know that the Widex brand hearing aid is designed as a universal fit product. Yet any local hearing professional can adjust them or even create custom earmolds for them, if you need them.

The Widex open platform means that any hearing clinic or hearing professional who chooses to work with Widex can do so. These Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids allow for remote adjustments that are of the same quality as those you could get in a hearing clinic setting.